CIMVA Universal

CIMVA Universal™ 1.0 is the first product from Therapeutic Monitoring Systems & has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA.  CIMVA Universal allows for retrospective calculation and display of time-varying behavior of multi-organ variability measures (initially heart & respiratory rate variability) in patient populations.  CIMVA Universal calculates and displays the degree to which multi-organ variability is altered in response to clinical events.  No specific clinical claims are associated with CIMVA Universal however at this time.

CIMVA Universal is a web-based application facilitating user interaction with the software on either a desktop web browser or via Mobile Safari on an Apple iPad.  Roles-based user interfaces are provided for user administration, patient administration and for clinical use.  CIMVA Universal supports physiological waveform files from both multi-parameter and ambulatory/wireless monitors.  The waveforms are associated with specific patients and clinical events in strict adherence to privacy regulations and FDA quality standards.

CIMVA Universal provides viewers for looking at time-series graphs of:

  1. Computed variability measures with overlays of clinical events;
  2. Event time series in the form of heart rate inter-beat intervals and respiratory rate  inter-breath intervals; and
  3. Original physiological waveforms from which the above are derived.


Note: a research-only version of CIMVA Universal designed to facilitate studies of multi-organ variability will be available soon (click here for more information).