Clinicians & Researchers

Clinicians & clinician scientists in hospitals across North America are  undertaking observational patient studies employing CIMVA clinical decision support software.  We welcome your interest in learning more about how you and  your institution can become involved and partner in transforming vital sign monitoring to improve patient care.

Current studies are focused on determining patient readiness for extubation from mechanical ventilation in the ICU & the risk of rapid deterioration from early infection in the emergency department.  Additional study sites for both these studies are welcome.

A specialized “research version” of CIMVA software will soon be available for qualified parties.  Globally unique, CIMVA Universal Research provides the clinician scientist with a powerful & flexible tool to assess changes in variability across multiple physiological waveforms correlated with clinical events.  Clinicians can retrospectively analyze a database of  patient waveforms or design their own prospective study in the clinic – the choice is yours.  Clinicians & hospital administrators can be confident in CIMVA’s data integrity and  design as it was developed using quality standards summarized under FDA 21 CFR Part 820.

To discuss your interest in participating in one of our current studies or in accessing CIMVA Universal Research software please contact:

Andrew J. Seely, MD & Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer